Is it good to shave your face? What disadvantages are there?

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Shaving your face with a razor blade is another way to gently remove old, dead skin cells. And at the same time, it helps get rid of the soft hair mites on the face. which makes the skin more receptive to nourishment Because there are no old skin cells and downy mites. Blocking the absorption of skincare anymore But this method may not be suitable for girls. who have skin problems, acne and sensitive skin Because it may cause irritation.

The problem of fur is probably something that no one would want to have. Especially the hair on the face because not only does it make applying makeup unattractive because it makes the hair lines visible, but it also makes the makeup less likely to stick to the skin. And that is the point where many people turn to start shaving their faces more because they want to make their skin smooth. When applying makeup, you will get a beautiful, smooth skin look.

But does anyone know that shaving the face is a very bad way to get rid of facial hair? Because shaving will make the hair grow faster. And if you do it more often It will make the hairs thicker than before as well.

For anyone who is thinking who is wanting to shave their facial hair Then there is hesitation about whether or not to do it well? We recommend taking ทางเข้า ufabet a look at a comparison of the advantages. Disadvantages of shaving your face first in order to make a decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving the face


  • Makes the facial skin look smoother. Because shaving your face will help get rid of mites. excess oil and dead skin cells to fall off This makes the skin more receptive to nourishment and makes makeup last all day.
  • When the face is free of mites Your makeup will definitely be easier and look noticeably smoother.


  • Shaving your face can make your pubic hair appear thicker and darker in color. This makes it necessary to shave regularly.
  • Shaving your face incorrectly can cause ingrown hairs in the future.
  • Choosing an inappropriate razor blade Reuse razor blades and shaving incorrectly May cause skin irritation as a result.
  • If you shave your facial hair incorrectly May cause injury and wounds on the face.

Summary: Can you shave your facial hair?

Shaving your face is another option for women. who want to have clearer facial skin However, it is important to clean the razor and understand the correct way to shave facial hair. Because if you shave incorrectly, in addition to not seeing results, It can also cause injury.