Techniques for thawing frozen meat to keep it fresh It’s like buying new! before cooking

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How do you usually thaw frozen meat before cooking. Do you soak in hot water. You heat frozen meat in the microwave, right. If yes please change! Because thawing frozen meat using heat or hot water will cause the meat to lose its flavor and is unsafe. Putting meat in an area with a temperature over 5 – 60 degrees Celsius for more than 2 hours or more Bacteria grow and divide twice as much. Therefore, defrosting frozen meat has the least loss of flavor and is the safest. 

Have you ever bought frozen meat and experienced any problems with cooking it!? Freezing meat is one of the ways to prolong the life of the meat and prevent it from spoiling easily. Because Chilled Meat, when normally chilled in the refrigerat or, will last only about 3-5 days. But when placed in the freezer or freezer. It can extend its life up to 4-12 months.
But before it can be use for cooking You must wait for the ice to melt first. It took hours for the to completely thaw. And can be use to cook food. We have a great tip that makes “frozen meat thaw quickly” and can be use for cooking quickly.

How to defrost!

Dissolve in cold water: By placing frozen meat in a sealed plastic bag. Then soak it in cold water until it submerges completely. The cool water helps transfer heat from the outside air. and helps maintain the temperature on the surface of the meat from being too high. This slows down the growth rate of bacteria as well. This method takes about 2-3 hours and the meat can be cook. This also depends on the size of the meat. And if you want frozen meat to thaw faster It is recommend to change the water every 30 minutes.

Thaw in the refrigerator: By soaking it in a normal refrigerator at 1-2 degrees Celsius. A temperature zone that is safe for bacteria to multiply. It is consider the best way. Because it gives the meat enough time to slowly cook. Breaks up the ice crystals that cling to the fibers of the meat little by little. So it doesn’t lose its flavor. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time. Especially with large pieces of frozen meat. It could take days.

Melt in a microwave oven: Remove the frozen meat from the packaging and place the meat in a microwave-safe container. Set the defrost button (Defrost-defrost) or medium-low power at about 160-200 watts, takes about 2-4 minutes. If using this method. The meat must be cook immediately because some parts of the meat will begin to cook. Bacteria will begin to divide. It may be harmful to those who eat the meat and the meat will lose its flavor.

Melt with the bottom of a stainless steel pot or brass pot: Place one pot upside down and the other pot in normal position. Place the frozen meat between the bottoms of two pots. Let the bottom of the pot cover the meat for about 10-15 minutes. Because the stainless steel or brass pot will gradually Sucks the cold out of the meat, making it softer. That’s all it can be use to cook.

Melt by wrapping a sheet of foil: Use a sheet of foil to completely wrap the frozen meat. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. The meat will thaw and be ready to continue cooking.